My October Intentions

Happy October, everyone! Does anyone else get so excited for the start of fall?! This time of year always makes me feel like a new chapter is beginning and gets me pumped for the remainder of the year!

At the start of every month, I like to create a list of intentions I want to practice. Are you thinking, "Rinal, what even are intentions?" Intentions are almost like goals for your mind- so it's something you intend on achieving or expanding (i.e. more gratitude).

Writing down my intentions, helps me to align with what I want to achieve in the month and also gives me something tangible to look back at when I feel stressed or out of wack. So today, I’m sharing my October intentions with you all and tips on how you can incorporate some of these intentions into your daily routine so we can conquer this month together!

My number one intention is to:

1. Be more patient. #woosa am I right?!

We’ve all been conditioned to crave immediacy. Whether it be instant gratification from Instagram likes or using a microwave to prepare a fully cooked meal in 1 min. This month, I want to be more mindful to SLOW down and release the expectations that good things must come FAST. Instead, practicing patience and trusting that the timing of our manifestations are perfect for where we are in our lives. Remember you can easily achieve this by doing more of what brings you joy. Those activities will take your mind off of worrying about the future and bring you into the present moment.