My October Intentions

Happy October, everyone! Does anyone else get so excited for the start of fall?! This time of year always makes me feel like a new chapter is beginning and gets me pumped for the remainder of the year!

At the start of every month, I like to create a list of intentions I want to practice. Are you thinking, "Rinal, what even are intentions?" Intentions are almost like goals for your mind- so it's something you intend on achieving or expanding (i.e. more gratitude).

Writing down my intentions, helps me to align with what I want to achieve in the month and also gives me something tangible to look back at when I feel stressed or out of wack. So today, I’m sharing my October intentions with you all and tips on how you can incorporate some of these intentions into your daily routine so we can conquer this month together!

My number one intention is to:

1. Be more patient. #woosa am I right?!

We’ve all been conditioned to crave immediacy. Whether it be instant gratification from Instagram likes or using a microwave to prepare a fully cooked meal in 1 min. This month, I want to be more mindful to SLOW down and release the expectations that good things must come FAST. Instead, practicing patience and trusting that the timing of our manifestations are perfect for where we are in our lives. Remember you can easily achieve this by doing more of what brings you joy. Those activities will take your mind off of worrying about the future and bring you into the present moment.

2. Accepting that I am doing enough.

TBH, this has been a tough one for me lately. Sometimes when you see others online supposedly "crushing it", it makes you feel like you're behind or that what you're doing is not "good enough". But, this month I want to learn to be kinder to myself and not only understand, but accept, that I am doing enough. There are days where we'll feel like we could've done more, but realizing that there is always tomorrow and that every day is progress, even if it doesn't always feel like it. This month I want to learn to accept that the moments of "not doing" are actually WAY more powerful than the ones where we are nonstop. It's in these moments of relaxation that we get our most inspired and truest ideas and without such moments, we would be so overworked that we would not be able enjoy the pleasures of life. I plan to stop comparing myself to others online and rather than feel stressed when I see someone's accomplishment, express genuine happiness for them because we are all on our own journeys.

3. Practice deeper self-care.

I know the internet loves to talk about "self-care" right now. It's a super buzzy word, and believe me, I'm thrilled people are paying more attention to the importance of self-care. However, I think it comes off as getting more massages, taking baths, and drinking more matcha (none of which I'm judging because I love all of them)...when in reality practicing a deeper self-care routine can be as simple as checking in with your mental state more or listening to what your body feels like (and looks like, read: acne flare-ups) when you're stressed. This month I'm focusing on eating foods that really make me feel my best, getting facials to help my skin feel it's best, and doing more things in nature to fully enjoy this beautiful fall weather (i.e. apple picking, hikes, visits to vineyards).

So who's with me?! I'd love to hear about your intentions for this month so leave me a comment below or head over to my Instagram and let me know what you all are looking to achieve this month! I think it's vital to be kinder to ourselves and know that I'm always here to support you through your journey, so don't ever hesitate to reach out to me if you're feeling stuck or just want to chat!

Now, let's kick off October with some good (basic witch) vibes!



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