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Strolling through Mykonos Town

Mykonos is often thought of to be a party town, and while it definitely has its fair share of beach clubs and nightlight, there's so much more that it offers. From the relaxed beaches, to the nightlife, to the cute, cultured town, there is something for everyone. Excited to share my guide on where to stay, eat, and spend time here!

Where to Stay

Branco Mykonos: A chic, modern-Mayan beach resort in Mykonos. This is by far the best hotel I've ever stayed at. If you're going to Mykonos, this is the place you need to stay. The location is perfectly situated on Platis Gialos beach, walking distance from the infamous Scorpios. The daily included breakfast is the best in Greece, with a five star chef creating amazing Greek/American fusion dishes- some favorites including the spicy avocado toast and the croque a la grec. The baristas make some of the best espresso/lattes I've tasted and the service is impeccable. The rooms are beautiful, they even use diptyque products for their bath line #swoon. Our room had an outdoor hot tub, with an ocean view and was like a dream. This hotel is one of the few that has beach access from your room and provides chairs/umbrellas to all the guests.

*Added bonus: There is a walking path to Scorpios Mykonos (about a 10 minute walk), which is both a beach/night club and a restaurant.

Where to Eat

  1. Scorpios Mykonos: This was an incredible meal in a Tulum/Mayan-esque environment. Known for it's beach club vibes, it has amazing day beds you can purchase and the nightlife here is worth the visit. More importantly, the food is incredible! It's definitely on the pricey end, but the food was simple, sophisticated and refined. Because of the freshness of the fish, meats and local veggies, this place is a great healthy and delicious restaurant. I recommend the roasted chicken with the tikka sauce and their seasonal grilled veggies. If you're with a group, definitely get the catch of the day (fish) which they'll bring out for you to choose and grill up based on your selection!

2. Jaipur Palace: If you're like me and traveling somewhere for two weeks, you'll want to switch up the variety of your food. After a while there's only so many greek salads I could eat (but as I'm typing this I'm remembering how much I miss the Greek feta). This is a great restaurant on the cliff in Mykonos (first picture below). You'll probably need to take a cab there, but after dinner you can walk to all the nightlife at Paradise Beach that is right down the shoreline from the restaurant (about a 5 minute walk). The food here is excellent featuring an authentic Indian cuisine- definitely recommend!

3. Nice n Easy: This is an organic bistro (middle and last picture above) situated in Little Venice along the water side with delicious Greek classics, as well as some amazing pasta dishes. Perfect place to catch the sunset, but FYI it does get crowded.

4. Kiki's Tavern: great spot for a casual lunch; recommended by locals.

5. Spilia Restaurant: romantic cave-like restaurant with an incredible lobster pasta and greek salad. This is a cute hole in the wall joint that locals will recommend.

6. Kiku Restaurant: Japanese food located inside Hotel Leto- serving exceptional food with gorgeous views.

Beach Clubs, Bars, & Nightlife

Paraga Beach

  1. Scorpios Mykonos: As mentioned above serving as both a beach club and a restaurant, this is one of the chicest places in Mykonos. Upon entry you'll notice the Tulum decor influences ( the architect and designer are the same folks who created Branco- if you stay or visit there, you'll see the similarities). Scorpios gets busy on Sunday and Tuesday nights and if you plan of getting lunch there, you can always rent a day bed for the whole day/night to make the most of your time there. Wondering what to wear? The vibe lends itself to wearing neutrals (think black, tan, army green, white), elevated linens, and airy button downs or blouses.

Psarou Beach

  1. Nammos: Like Scorpios, this is both a restaurant and a beach club with great (also pricey) food. Place to see and be seen!

Little Venice/Mykonos Town

  1. Negrita Bar: Amazing house white wine and fresh margaritas, with a gorgeous view of the Little Venice houses and the sunset.(pictured below)

2. Caprice Bar: If it's too crowded at Negrita, Caprice is right next door and offers the same phenomenal views.

3. Skandinavian Bar: If you're in Mykonos town, this is the place you must go. It has awesome music, gets really busy, and is cash only! It stays open until 6AM, so you could catch the sunset and sunrise...if you're somehow still alive by then.

Paradise Beach: The first three bars below are all located next to each other on Paradise Beach. You can find awesome day parties here, but it also gets WILD at night. Really fun place to dance, bar hop and people watch. The drinks at Tropicana and Guapaloca are reasonably priced!

  1. Paradise Beach Club

  2. Tropicana

  3. Guapaloca

  4. Cavo Paradiso: Known to be the best night club in Mykonos- check it out for great music featuring some of the world's best DJs.

What to Do

  1. Jet ski: One the best ways to get out and see those amazing Mykonos yachts is on a jet ski. You can get close enough to admire these beautiful ships and, hey, maybe you'll even be invited onto one (wishful thinking)!

Jet-skiing through the Aegean Sea

2. Windmills: Check out the beautiful and infamous Mykonos windmills upon entering the town. They can be viewed up close or from a far while sipping on a drink in Little Venice

3. Walk the town: The town of Mykonos offers tons of cute shops, local restaurants and bars and has a beautiful culture about it that can be felt through their unique architecture and cobblestone roads. It's a great place to find unique gifts for your loved ones and take some Insta-worthy photos.

4. Paraga Beach: One of the nicest beaches in Mykonos and is mostly private. If you come during early to mid September, you're in luck because the water tends to be the warmest then! Unwind after a long night of partying on the beach with a cocktail or a fresh juice. Branco (situated on Platis Gialos next to Paraga Beach) offers a beautiful beachfront bar, playing a great mix of relaxing chill house music.

5. Little Venice: You've heard of Venice, Italy, right? Well, this part of Mykonos town is named after the famous city in Italy that lives on the water. These homes are situated on a cliff over the water and take on the same feel as the homes on the water in Italy. Gorgeous and colorful homes, this is a must see from Negrita or Caprice Bar.

6. Dance the night away: All of the bars listed above have great music- some have the a mixture of pop/hip hop and others are more true to Mykonos with chill house vibes.

7. Shops: Along the beach and in Mykonos town you'll find tons of cute boutique stores to shop at. My favorite was actually located inside Scorpios where they sold the actual dresses that the girls who worked there were wearing!


  • Transportation: Cabs are easier to come by than you think. You may hear that it's very hard to find cabs since the town has a limited number, but there are other means of transportation. For example, your hotel will happily call you a car (which costs the same, sometimes even less than a cab) which will take you to dinner or a club and you can arrange with them to pick you up at a certain time or call for the car when you are ready to be picked up. Also, most clubs have a taxi stand outside of them and the person at the kiosk will call a cab for you when you are ready. You can also rent ATVs, but beware the roads are pretty narrow so drive with caution.

  • Flying vs. Ferry: I recommend flying here from Athens instead of taking the ferry. It's quicker and more efficient and there is less of a chance of your flight being canceled- if it does theres always another flight you can hop onto. The fastest ferry still takes about 2 hours and you will not be able to eep your luggage with you as it is put under the ship in the storage area. The plus of a ferry is that it can be cheaper, but if you book your flight in advance it should be relatively similar in price!

  • Money: Mostly everywhere accepts credit cards so make sure to bring a cc that does not charge you foreign exchange fees, but I also recommend bringing some Euros from the bank before you head into Greece. It's always good to have some cash if you're in a bind and the exchange rate at home is usually the better than what you'll get abroad.


I hope this guide helps you plan out your Mykonos trip and if you visit any of the places I recommended, let me know by tagging me on Instagram (@thetravelingcure)!

If you need help designing a more specialized trip to Mykonos or for any questions about the town in general, comment below or reach out to me at Happy to help answer any questions and/or plan a more curated trip for you here!

Can't wait to see you travel through Mykonos- I know you'll love it as much as I do!

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