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HaiBored: you may want to go with 10.10 netbook edition instead m1m0: tell the channel what video card you have also.. hi, I have messed up my samba share and trying to recover I find i have locked myself out of it - there is no samba password - how do I access my files? m1m0: nvidia, radeon, intel, intel Bragex9: Maverick is just regular Natty, you can upgrade to Oneiric (12.10) I did not do this but I am finding I am doing it to myself k i got a nvidia ActionParsnip: I know wat driver shud i use? i was talking about the desktop edition I tried to access them on a remote pc and it failed - I logged in and the first thing I tried was to login again - this failed - there is no samba password m1m0: sudo apt-get install nvidia-current is that the driver needed for quadro fx 3800 gts Oneiric edition can run on my netbook but you can not update it through update manager AJH101: run: smbpasswd -a username and you can set a samba password Oneiric edition will go to 11.04 ActionParsnip, I am not using a server - that is not needed AJH101: well add a password. im using the desktop version AJH101: add it any way, why not :) ActionParsnip, I will try that - I tried to login, it failed and next time I tried it logged me back out - I have no idea how I could have got there



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Vectric Aspire 4 Crack 2022

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